Size/Type: Shape Changer Fey

Hit Dice: (humanoid/cat) 1d8 +1 or 5D8 +5

Initiative: + (Dex)

Speed: 30 feet in humanoid form

60-feet in cat form.


Attacks: none or 5

Damage: 1-4 / 1-4 / 1-4 / 1-4 / 1-8

Face/Reach: 4 feet by 4 feet or 6 feet by 6 feet with a 10 foot pounce

Special Attacks: Charming song (see below)

Special Qualities: Dark Vision -- 60 feet


Abilities: (humanoid/cat) STR:8/19 DEX:16/16 CON:10/15 INT:10/4 WIS:10/4 CHA:20/10

Skills: Hide +6, Listen +4, Climb +2, Move Silently +6, Seduction +5


Climate/Terrain: Temperate/ Sub-Arctic forest or tundra

Organization: Solitary

Challenge Rating: 1

Treasure: Standard

Alignment: Always Chaotic Neutral



The Reenah, also called a Feygyon by the barbarians, or a lion-maiden (lehaven chari) by the elves, are a lovely and graceful race of shape changing fey. By day they take the form of a ferocious saber-tooth cat. By night they take the form of a woman of indescribable beauty.

When they are in their humanoid form the wear leathers and animal skins, with a hooded cloak made from the skin of a saber-tooth cat. Sometimes they wear nothing but the cloak that they cling about themselves, half-revealing the voluptuous curves of their bodies. They tease men with their beauty. Legends has is that the singing of a Reenah is irresistible. Their song can charm human males 80% of the time and elf males 30% of the time. The song has the effect of a pleasant lullaby on females, but will have no other ill effects.

In their animal form they hunt in the shadows and live by their instincts. They will capture and kill small animals for food, but will not often go after larger prey.

Reenah humanoids will always have red hair, the color of burning copper, and eyes of amber or green. Their human skin is the color of a bronzed tan. In their cat form they have bronzy-brown or copper brown fur, with patches and spots of darker brown and black.


In their humanoid form the Reenah will refrain from any form of violence. If faced with danger they will flee. If trapped they will revert to cat and attack. In their cat form they will only attack if they are hungry or in mortal danger. Once they start fighting they will not stop until they are subdued or dead. If killed, the Reenah will vanish leaving behind only the fur cloak. In the hands of a mortal the cloaks have no power. However, in the hands of an elf there is a 50% chance the cloak will allow them to shape shift, but only 5% of these will be able to change back.


The Reenah are a loose knit group of faerie folk who have no care for the political goings-on of mortals. Their entire society is based on the ideal that “to be a Reenah is to be free”. There are no true Reenah leaders. All decisions made by their kind are made by each individual, but no individual is accountable for the actions of the whole. When need arises they will hold a Council. At Council the entire race decides on the issue at hand. Councils only happen when there is a danger to the Reenah as a whole society, or if one Reenah does something so heinous that she must be stripped of her cloak.

In their forest homes they are as wild as they are beautiful and alluring; but when they travel within the places of men they become shy and submissive. When the mood strikes them they will run through the forest at night singing their song. On the solstice and equinox they gather in groups to celebrate the season. At this time, the Reenah will hunt men. They do not hunt to kill. They hunt to seduce. Using their feminine wiles and a good deal of charm they will lure men from their homes, lead them into the woods and copulate with them. Men lured in such a way will wake up in the woods the next morning and not remember what has happened to them. About 1% of men will retain the memory of what they experienced. These men often go mad searching for the Reenah in hopes to relive the experience. Since there are no male Reenah, it is assumed that this is how the Reenah reproduce. Myths and tall tales about such experiences are told to frighten children and amuse crowds.

If a man can capture a Reenah’s cloak, she will forget her past life and quietly marry him. She will be an obedient and loving wife. Although she is always mindful of her husband and her household duties, she never quite adjusts to living amongst humans. A married Reenah laughs very rarely. If she finds her cloak and wraps it about her body, she will remember everything about her past lie and will joyfully abandon her home and her mate to return the forests of her birth. When she the realm of men she regains the youth and beauty that she lost while living among the mortals.

Male children born of a union between a Reenah and a man will be wild and unruly, but will have unearthly luck. Female children born of this union will vanish soon after they are born. In fact, they will be taken away by the Reenah folk and will be raised as a Reenah.

© 2004 Sean P. Kennedy

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