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The Nil: The Nil are tall slender creatures that appear be humanoid. They look frail and thin, with their blackish skin, with the sheen of an oil slick, stretched tightly over their boney forms. Their large single, amber-colored eye peers out from a face with no mouth or nose, and their tall pointed ears look more like antennae than anything else.
The Krrsharr: The Krrsharr are a feline humanoid race whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Their appearance can be mixed. While all Krrshar have fur-covered bodies, tails and bushy mane-like heads of hair, their markings can very from those of a lion, tiger, ocelot, leopard, panther, etc. They have claws instead of fingernails, and the sharp fangs of their feline ancestors.
The Reenah: The Reenah, also called a Feygyon by the barbarians, or a lion-maiden (lehaven chari) by the elves, are a lovely and graceful race of shape changing fey. By day they take the form of a ferocious saber-tooth cat. By night they take the form of a woman of indescribable beauty.
Warp Ward: The Warp Ward always appears as a black or ultraviolet wall with a set of sinister glowing purple eyes. The Warp Ward is a construct of negative energy life-force created by evil wizards to guard their treasure and magic hoards.
The Snow Shark: Although some believe the snow shark to be a distant relative of the bulette, it is an entirely different creature altogether. The snow shark is a vicious and unrelenting predator, whose only goal in life is to kill and eat. Sometimes called “Ice Tooth” by people dwelling in the far north, this creature’s hide is much sought after for use as armor.
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