Stargate Death Glider

STL rebuild of the studio model for the Stargate Death Glider replica

The Cerberus

The Military Firefly Transport "Cerberus"

Serenity Beauty shots

Serenity for Firefly Companion Volume 2 - Page 36

The Sleeping Giant Awakes

A beauty shot of my USS Cygnus model

USS Cygnus

A radiosity shot of my USS Cygnus model

Fateful Discovery

A beauty shot of my Alien Space Jockey model from 2007. This model was later used for previsualiztion work on Prometheus.

Serenity - Movie Version

My rebuild of the movie version of Serenity which has been used in multiple projects.

Sloth Sanctuary

I build the environment model and some animations for the "Sloth Sanctuary" online game which was put out to promote "Ice Age 2"

USS Valley Forge

The USS Valley Forge from tyeh movie "Silent Running"

Reaver Trans U

Collaborated with Rhys Salcombe to texture his Reaver Trans U model for the Bellflow Fan Film

Stoketown Station

A beauty shot of the Stoketown Station I created for the Serenity Role Playing game

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