I started playing D&D way back in 1979. My friends and I would game every lunch hour at school. That where my first, allbiet shallow, characters were born (Gendol Gorn and Cello Thane).

Later on, when I started running my own campaigns, we would game all weekend and stay up for 20-30 hours straight. I have fond memories of Tarl the Cleric (29th level cleric-who Kean now looks like) and Korob the Mighty (20th level Ranger).

Over the years the gaming sessions evolved from a "Monty Hall" style campaign, to a more realistic and mentally intriguing sort of game. Yet, in all this time, some how I never out grew the 1st and 2nd edition D&D rules. I bought the first three 3rd edition books but really never used them. Listed below are some of my favorite characters form our regular campain that's been running off an on for 13 years.

Valdya Treveleyan
Valdya was a fighter and a "brick". "Brick" is the generic term we use in RPG's to show that a character is well endowed physically, but not necessarily mentally. Such was the case with Valdya. She was extremely strong and well trained in the arts of combat, but she was definitely not a mental giant.
Valdya was a human who stood about 5'-10" tall, with curly, black hair and deep purple eyes. She kept at her side a sun blade called "Solaris" (which slew many a vampire), and a Pouch of Powders from which she could magically draw any powder she wanted. Valdya was also a skilled, but compulsive, gambler who would often go to taverns and win every hand of cards or dice.
Panifar of Hornwood
Panifar was a Satyr Cleric devoted to the religion of having fun. He would travel from town to town in his adventures often stirring up some kind of mischief (pouring potion of lust in a tavern's wine vats, deflowering virgins, etc.), but he was good of heart and heroic in nature. He once had the wherewithal and the skill to turn a powerful undead villain into "Liche Soup".
Gonad the Barbarian
Gonad was a full-blooded barbarian who was reckless and heedless of trouble, but was also staunchly honorable and terrifying in battle. He stood 7'-6" tall and was muscled like the "terminator". He was completely distrustful of magic and would everything in his power to limit its use.
  Mira the Bard
Mira was a powerful High Elvin Bard who came from humble beginnings, and grew to become one of the most powerful characters in my campaign. She had an unswerving loyalty for her companions and a strong compassion for those in need. She despised hand-to-hand combat and would not raise a weapon in anger-only in self defense, or the defense of the weak.
Eromanric Gifdhum
Eromanric (or Manny) was a mage and alchemist, who spent a majority of each game skulking in shadows to avoid any form of major conflict. Although he was powerful with spells and wands, his fighting skills were non-existent. Eromanric suffered from severe hay fever and refused to adventure in the spring.
Turpin was a human thief with an inordinate amount of luck and unluck. Early on in his career he found a magic artifact that he never took off-the Phase Blasting ring-which he used to defeat a Vampire Lord (known as the "battle of twenty fumbles").
Thorgar the Stout
Thorgar was a mercenary warrior who met and fell in love with Valdya. They spent many an adventure fighting side-by-side in battle. Thorgar stood 6'-6" tall and wielded a magical two-handed sword called "the Claw of Night".
Habib the Holy Target
Habib was a Magic User/Cleric who fought evil head on--even when it meant he would be ripped limb from limb. He had a compulsion to use any unidentified magic item he found. This testing allowed him to gain alot of experience, but it also risked his well-being. His greatest find was a pair of magic stones previous owned by a very powerful lich. One stone granted the ability to call a flame strike from the heavens, while the other provided full immunity to fire. He was well known to use these stones in conjunction, by running into a huge gathering of monsters and calling down the flame strike--targeted on himself.
Ulm of Willowwarren
Ulm was born the son of a whore and a wandering mercenary who had to put up a snobbish façade to hide the fact of his low bloodline. He was an elf mage who had a penchant for wine. Unfortunately, he was also an alcoholic. His friends spent countless days sobering him up for their most crucial adventures. When he wasn't drunk he would play mischievous practical jokes on the members of his adventuring party.
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