My Champions campaign sprung from a need to play something different (you can only handle so much D&D). At first I was gaming as a player in a 200-point base- 300-point max game that was on the edge of surreal. I do have fond memories of those characters as well.
Incognito, League Runner, Coriallis, Cerberus, Animator, Checkmate, Thumper, Icon, and Veedback were great concepts, but they were just too powerful.

Later on, my gamers and I decided to go with a lower powered campaign that was quite a bit more enjoyable. With villains like The Dark Angels, The Elemental League, Offense-Defense-Other, F.O.L.I.O., Judas Judge, The Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magpie, Humbug, Booster Bunny, and The Shadow Mercs, the game took on a more heartfelt and heroic feel. The heroes had more depth and were in essence more realistic. Back in 1990 I actually did a 12 issue comic book story based on one of their campaigns. I was printed in the "Inklings" magazine, created by Hero-Hero comics in Corvallis, Oregon. I look back on it now and see many areas I would have improved had I the time.

Blackout (Maggie Meyers) was a young housewife who had been born with the ability to drain electricity from everything around her. She could then use that electricity to fire arcs of energy from her body. Unfortunately, her power was not entirely controllable. She would often scramble electronic devices, or cause power surges. Because of this she lived without the normal technological devices we all live with every day. She married an antique dealer, and lives in a large house in the coastal mountains near San Francisco.
Kat Scratch
Kat Scratch (Kelly Monroe) was a zoologist who spent much of her life traveling the globe in search of new and rare species of animals. One day, on a trip to India, she was mauled by what she believed to be a tiger. In reality it was a Reenah, a lycanthropic faire creature from which the folk tales of the rakshasa are born. The bite endowed her with the ability to transform herself into a giant saber-toothed tiger.
Shimmer (Katrina Blanc) was a beautiful, blonde, Norwegian scientist who studied light and discovered a way to create a fiber optic fabric that rendered the wearer almost completely invisible. She was a peace loving superhero who abhorred violence. She carried with her a sonic stunner pistol, which she used to disable her opponents without harming them permanently.

Kittyhawk (Katherine Ariel Stryker) was the daughter of a brilliant bio-electronic engineer, and a notorious cat burglar. At the age of ten she was kidnapped by a psychopath who raped her, cut off her hands, and left her for dead. Fortunately she survived the ordeal, and her parents (with lots of therapy and training) helped her become a vigilante for justice. Her father gave her bionic hands and a powered flying suit, while her mother trained her in security systems and tracking. She is a moody, and streetwise woman with a single-minded determination to prevent innocents from harm.
Cheshire is a humanoid cat from the "Mojo-verse" with the pink and purple coloring of the Cheshire Cat in "Alice in Wonderland". She was bred and designed to be a star in one of Mojo's snuff films, but she was able to escape and flee to Earth where she now fights as a superhero. She has the ability to turn invisible, leaving only her smile behind. However her major power is the ability to teleport extra-dimensionally.
Digger is a lunatic. Digger (real name Digger McDee?) was originally a spy working for ANZAC and the Australian Secret Service. He found the job distasteful and decided to get out of the spy business. He faked his own demise and then took up the study archeology. He eventually became an archeological site dig master, with an innate skill for tracking down historical artifacts. He spent years traveling the world searching ancient ruins for legendary items. Unfortunately for him, he found some. While in a site in Egypt he found a tomb with gold crown and belt. Just for fun he put them on---and they scrambled his brain. Now the inside of his mind has been described as the "sea of monsters from Yellow Submarine". The artifacts also imbued him with some fascinating powers. Digger now travels the world as a superhero, fighting evil. All the time dressed in a top hat and tails, blue jeans, gold lame' belt, and yellow radiation boots.
Amazing Man
Amazing Man (real name legally changed to Amazing Man) is a superhero that is all glamour and gusto. He fights villains with his presence--and not much else. He has a public identity, toll free call line, and web site-as well as a PR man and about 100 groupies who follow him wherever he goes. His red and white outfit is spangled with gold and silver stars. His million dollar smile probably cost him about a million dollars, as his teeth gleam on cue. When the battle is over he hands out 10" glossy photos of himself to the crowd.
Sign is a young woman who teaches sign language to the deaf. She was born with the mutant ability to form powers out of herself by signing them. She has the ability to do just about anything with two limitations--she must have enough raw power, and she must beable to use sign language to initiate the power. She has strong compelling drive to protect the public from many of the fiendish villains out there.
Hour Glass
Hour Glass (William Thyme) is a scientist in the area of temporal research. When he turned 13 his mutant powers surfaced. He was gifted with the innate ability to alter the age of and object or person by making it younger or older. Unfortunately his powers were not completely controllable, and this has resulted in the death of several loved ones. He married a heroine by the name of Dream Weaver and they now live in a home near Vacaville, California.
A hero like no other. His powers manifest themselves in the form of "portable" holes he wears on his person. These holes can be peeled off and used to create holes in walls or objects, to teleport from place to place, or to attack his opponents--thus fusing the villain into nearby object or the floor. However, I always thought it would be unnerving to have a hero arrive on the scene with a perfectly round, gaping hole in his chest.
A sewage treatment plant worker of Scottish descent, fell into a pool of radioactive sewage and became the superpowered being "Sludge". Sludge was hiddeously ugly, but exceedingly powerful. Appearing as a mobile pool of viscus, rank sewage, Sludge would slip, slide, and ooze into battle, attacking his foes with noxious fumes and potent acid. In his human form, Sludge inherited an old, haunted scottish castle, which became the team's headquarters for a short period of time. He even met and married the ghost of a medieval highland lass (only after the team had resurrected her of course).
This petite japanese woman is a master in the art of oragami. Not surprisingly, her powers manifest themselves by the creation of small oragami figurines which act as her foci.
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