Snow Sharks

Size/Type: Huge Beast

Hit Dice: 9d10+50

Initiative: +2 (Dex)

Speed: 10ft on Tundra / 40 ft burrow through snow

AC: 25 (-2 size, +2 Dex, +15 natural)

Attacks: 1 Bite +12, 1 Crush +7

Damage: Bite 8d8+8, Crush 3d12+20

Face/Reach: 10ft x 30ft /15ft

Special Attacks: see below

Special Qualities: Blood Scent, Tremorsence,

Some immunity to cold, lightning, and illusion

Saves: Fort:+15 Ref:+4 Will:+1

Abilities: STR:27 DEX:19 CON:20 INT:2 WIS:11 CHA:5

Skills: Listen +6, Blind Sight +10

Feats: Move By and Burrowing attacks

Climate/Terrain: Arctic or Sub-Arctic glacial areas and tundra

Organization: Solitary or pair

Challenge Rating: 6

Treasure: none

Alignment: Always Neutral (hungry)

Advancement: 10-15 HD Huge, 16-26 HD Gargantuan


Although some believe the snow shark to be a distant relative of the bulette, it is an entirely different creature altogether. The snow shark is a vicious and unrelenting predator, whose only goal in life is to kill and eat. Sometimes called “Ice Tooth” by people dwelling in the far north, this creature’s hide is much sought after for use as armor. This is because the snow sharks are completely (100%) immune to cold attacks and partially immune (50%) to electrical attacks.

The snow shark is a huge, long and sleek creature that looks very similar to its oceanic kin. However, there are some drastic differences. For one, the snow shark has no gills, as it breathes air. Secondly, its nose and fore-fins are armored with pearly white plates and hooks that it uses to burrow with. Thirdly, the snow shark is blind. It relies entirely on all its other senses to find and locate prey. Its two primary tracking senses are tremorsense, where it can sense the vibrations caused by someone walking on snow up to ½ mile away, and Blood Scent, where the snow shark can smell blood up to 1 mile away. The snow shark is covered in leathery skin, which is pallid grey near the nose and grows darker nearer the tail. Its 7-12 inch teeth look like curved, silver daggers.

While on windswept tundra the snow shark lumbers about like a lame walrus, pushing itself around in small hops, the real danger comes when a snow shark gets into its true domain; deep snow. The snow shark can propel itself, by burrowing and sliding, at an incredible 40 feet per round when in deep snow. At this speed the snow shark leaves behind it a plume of snowy flakes some 20 feet high. (In non-gaming terms it has been compared to fast moving snow-blower!)

The snow shark prefers climates where there is snow year-round. They will attack and eat any warm-blooded creature, ranging from the smallest rabbit to the largest caribou. If food gets scarce, the snow shark will migrate to a more populated area. They will attack small towns and villages, as well as traveling caravans, in search of easy prey.


In combat the snow shark is relentless and single-minded, attacking the nearest target first. It will first try to move by its prey and full speed, crushing its target with its massive, armored fore-fins or nose. If this fails the snow shark will then attack by biting its prey, slicing it apart with dozens of razor sharp teeth. On some occasions, the snow shark will burrow beneath a target, causing the snow they are standing on to collapse. While the prey is partially immobilized by the cave-in, the snow shark will speed back through and attack.

The snow shark is fearless (or just stupid). It will continue to attack until it’s killed its prey or it dies itself. As stated above the snow sharks are completely (100%) immune to cold attacks and partially immune (50%) to electrical attacks. However, they are vulnerable to fire attacks, taking double damage from every fire attack. Since the snow shark is blind, it is completely unaffected by visual illusions or attacks that cause blindness.

Snow sharks are basically a great big nasty animal with very little intelligence, and therefore is affected by spells like “Animal Friendship”, “Animal Messenger”, “Speak with Animal” and “Summon Natures Ally”

© 2004 Sean P. Kennedy


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