Size/Type: Medium Humanoid

Hit Dice: 1d8 +3

Initiative: +3 (Dex)

Speed: 60 feet / 20 foot jump

AC: 15(+3 Dex /+ 2 Leather armor)

Attacks: 5 natural, or by weapon skill

Damage: 1-3/ 1-3/ 1-3/ 1-3/ 1-4 or by weapon

Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft.

Special Attacks: none

Special Qualities: Dark Vision -- 60 feet


Abilities: STR:10 DEX:16 CON:16 INT:10 WIS:10 CHA:12

Skills: Hide +1, Listen +5, Search +2, Spot +4, Climb +2, Hand-to-hand combat +5, Move Silently +4

Feats: Alertness, Multi-attack

Climate/Terrain: Temperate forest

Organization: Solitary, mated pair, or small prides with 2-10 members

Challenge Rating: 1

Treasure: Standard

Alignment: Usually Neutral Good

Advancement: By Character class

Description: The Krrshaarr are a feline humanoid race whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Their appearance can be mixed. While all Krrshaarr have fur-covered bodies, tails and bushy mane-like heads of hair, their markings can very from those of a lion, tiger, ocelot, leopard, panther, etc. They have claws instead of fingernails, and the sharp fangs of their feline ancestors.

They are an odd mix of sentience and instinct. They show curiosity about anything new and different, but show a distinct distrust of magic users and sorcerers. They love to adventure and see new places and things. Krrshaarr will often wander where no else will go, just because it is different. They are very superstitious and ritualistic about everything they do. They are very loyal, but a bit self-centered. Krrshaarr are honest and truthful, but have no qualms about pilfering small trinkets from everyone they know. They consider this “stealing friendship” or “stealing love”, and will return the item if the person it was taken from asks for it’s return. This is more like a game than a crime to the Krrshaarr. If not asked for their return, they will keep such trinkets with them as totems of good luck.

The males usually have thicker hair and longer claws. The males also are often stronger and more aggressive in combat than the females. The males will fight amongst themselves if there is a female that more than one male wishes to mate with. They are very choosy about who they mate with as they are always looking to improve their bloodline.

The females are smaller but still have an athletic build. The often can outrun the males in a full out sprint. The females also have three distinct sets of breast. This is of some pride to them and they often wear clothes that show off this feature. The females are very seductive, and unlike the males have no qualms about seducing any attractive male that comes along (especially if they are in “rut”).

The average lifespan of a Krrshaarr is about 60 years.

Combat: In combat the Krrshaarr are quite brave and fierce. Often they will not back down from a fight once they begin one. If unarmed, a Krrshaarr will attack a foe with their claws and teeth (1-3 for each set of claws and 1-4 for each bite. Once in hand-to-hand combat a Krrshaarr will grapple with a foe, in an attempt to get a hold of their torso or throat. If armed with a weapon, they will use it the first round, but may decide by the second or third melee round that their hand-to-hand combat would be more effective.

Krrshaarr are seldom surprised and will often sneak up on their prey hoping for a surprise attack. They move with incredible speed and agility.

Society: The Krrshaarrs’ origins are dark and mysterious. Some say they were created by a wizard to be a race of slaves. Some say they were a magic experiment gone badly. Still others think they were a divine creation. In truth the Krrshaarr don’t even know where they come from. All that is known is that about 500 years ago the Krrshaarr were a mighty nation of 150,000. They lived peaceful lives in their forests, and seldom disturbed anyone. That is until a wizard by the name of Xerkas took it upon himself to hunt down and wipe out all Krrshaarr. Thousands of Krrshaarr were hunted down by Xerkas and his minions, until a brave Krrshaarr warrior by the name of Rraks was able to sneak into Xerkas’s fortress and kill him. Since that time the Krrshaarr have again lived free, but now hate and distrust wizards.

Krrshaarr society is usually made up of small prides with 2-10 members. Each pride will have 1-2 dominant males and several females. They will share each others mates, but once a year the male and female Krrshaarr go into “rut” in which their drive to reproduce is the strongest. During this time they are quite dangerous (to anyone other than another of their own species). They will go to great lengths to find a member of the opposite sex and mate with them. If no Krrshaarr of the opposite sex is available, a suitable humanoid might find them the target of a Krrshaarr in heat. Krrshaarr who mate during this period will stay together until their children or “cubs” are mature enough to live on their own. This takes about 5-7 years. During this time the parents will not feel the effects of the “rutt”, and they will only mate with each other. A pair of Krrshaarr rearing cubs are very solitary and will not interact with anyone else until the cubs are at least 3 years old. Krrshaarr will bear 1-3 cubs and will care for them until they can make their own way in the world.

Krrshaarr diet consists almost entirely of meat (preferably raw or freshly killed). They shun almost any kind of grain or vegetable, and alcoholic beverages are poisonous to them. However, catnip tea has an intoxicating effect on them. They are immune to diseases caused by spoiled meat, while a common cold might do them in.

Krrshaarr Characters: Krrshaarr prefer the character class of warrior or rogue. Krrshaarr leaders can be multi-classed rogues. Some Krrshaarr will become shaman or druids. Krrshaarr will almost never be wizards or sorcerers.

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