Hi! My name is Meekers. I'm Sean & Rebekah's kitty.

My very favorite play time activity is "Red Bug". Dad & Reed have laser pens, and they will shine the beam around the house and let me chase it. I will chase it until I get so tired I can barely breathe. Then I have to lay down and pant for a while until I can chase it some more. I have been known to wake Dad up to ask for the "Red Bug".

I love to "pet" my humans. I ask them to lower their heads and I stand up on my hind legs and use my front feet to paw through their hair. Sometimes I use my teeth to pull on it, lick it or groom it.

I love my humans, but sometimes they can be pretty dense. Like when I am trying to tell them I want crunchy tuna cat treats. I can try and try to get them to understand that I want them instead of my regular cat food, but they only get the idea about half of the time.

Reed, the webmaster, is one of my favorite humans. I sit on his computer desk and "help" him work on the web site. Sometimes when it gets late, he falls asleep on the living room floor while he's watching TV. That's my favorite time, because then I can wrap myself around his head and groom him just like he's a cat, like me!

In the Spring and Summer, I like to watch the birds fly from tree to tree in my yard. If I'm inside, I like to get up in the big picture window, (kitty TV), and watch them. When I get really excited, I will make fake "bird" noises to call to the birds, and I will pounce on the window trying to catch them.


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