Hi! My name is Kyrri! I'm Sean & Rebekah's kitty.

My name means "Gentle One" in Old Norse, and I really live up to it.

I have soft and gentle manners and voice, and I'm the worlds most loveable cat. If you pick me up, I will put my arms around your neck and give you hugs and rub my face on yours. I love to get in any available lap and cuddle as long as I can. Any lap will do, but I prefer "long" laps, like the kind you get when you put your feet up and stretch out your legs. The only better lap is the kind that happens when ladies wear skirts. I like to get in them and turn them into a "hammock" lap.

My favorite activity is getting up in the big picture window and watching the great outdoors, (Mom calls this "kitty TV"). I also like sleeping in the catnip. I roll in it until I get a few pets from my humans, then I fall asleep. If the catnip needs to be replaced, I will stand on my head and roll over in a summersault to get the human's attention to get it refilled. I also use this maneuver to get their attention when I want petting. If I like you, I will come right over to you, do a summersault at your feet, and roll my belly up to be petted. As a matter of fact, I like to walk up to total strangers when I'm out walking with my humans in my harness, and do just that!

My favorite time is early evening, just before supper. I like to hang out in the kitchen and beg for cheddar cheese while dinner is being prepared. I always like to smell people food, if they will give me a sniff, but I never like to eat any of it except for the cheddar cheese. Oh yes, and milk, or course. I love it when Reed gets himself a glass of milk, and if he's not looking, I like to get up on his desk and drink some of his. They give me milk of my own, but somehow, it just isn't as good as drinking from someone elses glass. I like to drink out of any glass that is left for a time unwatched, but I'm much more careful now ever since I drank from a glass that had tonic water in it. Boy, was that ever nasty. I'll never do that again. I can't believe someone was actually drinking that stuff!


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