I would like to dedicate this site to these wonderful people. Because of them,
this website is now a reality instead of just a pipe dream.

My Mom

My loving and supportive Mother always encouraged me to draw, paint and create. I think she first realized this was more than just a hobby when I was 8 years old. I saw a burglar running through our backyard one evening, so I drew a picture of him. Later, the police identified him from the picture I had drawn. After that Mom made it a point to encourage me in the arts. Thanks Mom! I love you! : - )

My Wife

My wonderfully creative wife; also my "muse" and my closest friend. She gives me ideas, inspiration, energy, enthusiasm, love, encouragement, and support. Her efforts got me this far and will keep me going for many more years to come. She is this site's web designer. I love you sweetie! Thanks for everything! : - )

Victor & Dachea Reha

Victor and Dachea have been my strongest supporters. The very best and largest existing collection of my work lives in the "private gallery" in their home. Not only have they helped me keep up on the equipment and supplies I need, but they have also helped me improve my "starving artist" lifestyle with purchases and commissions. They have given me encouragement, enthusiasm and support. My wife once asked Dachea if their walls were getting too full to keep collecting my artwork. Her reply was, "We'll just have to get a bigger house". They are the greatest of patrons and the best of friends. I'm overwhelmed by their appreciation, kindness and generosity. Thank You both for everything. : - )

Scott & Francine Patton

Scott and Francine gave me my first computer and said, "Now you can do art for the computer!" I am still deeply awed by their gift and touched by their generosity. Thanks to both of you for making all of this possible! : - )


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